Pipe Holder

“By smoking the pipe I burn my bitterness and my bitterness are many. So I need a lot of pipes “

Sandro Pertini

Franco is a single pipe installation in iron for a tobacco pipe where the design of the pipe merges with the design of its singular support element.

Content and container both become protagonists and furnishing accessories.

An accessory for the care of the pipe, to taste it or simply to expose it.

The Franco pipe rest is handmade: a single iron rod bent and welded in two points to form two drops, one of which slightly inclined to contain and support the pipe head.

Also suitable for small pipes.

A light, discreet and elegant design.

Practical, safe and indestructible, it turns into an original gift idea for smokers and pipe lovers.

A timeless classic desk where you can place your most beautiful pipe.

100% hand made in Italy

Single iron pipe holder for tobacco pipe.
1 single iron rod bent and then welded by hand.
Dimensions: length 11.5cm, width 5cm, height 5cm.
Weight 0.43kg.