“Eliminate the superfluous, emphasize comfort and recognize the elegance of the uncomplicated”

Giorgio Armani

Linea Stool is a stool with a light geometry and minimal design.
The structure is made of iron rod and sheet metal, matt black painted.

Linea Stool takes up the geometries of Linea Chair developing in height.

The structure is customizable in color.

Write to us, we will be happy to create LINEA STOOL tailored for you.



100% hand made in Italy

Linea Stool made with iron rod and sheet metal welded by hand.
length 36cm, width 35cm, height 91cm. Weight 6.8 kg

Thermosetting powder coating with polyester resin (free of TGIC-Triglycidyl Isocyanurate) and external pigments. Pleasant to the touch, velvet touch in matt black color.