If it weren’t for our concept of weights and measures, we would be in reverent admiration in front of the firefly as we are in front of the sun.”

Khalil Gibran

An iron candle holder, enchanting in its extreme simplicity.
Illuminated, it casts fascinating games of shadows.

We called it LUCCIOLA because it is lit and seen from above recalls the characteristic glow of fireflies: tiny beetle insects that dance courting on warm summer evenings.

Small and easily transportable from one corner to another based on the type of atmosphere you want to recreate.
We have chosen a special outdoor paint so that you can recreate the magic of fireflies even in your garden.

But not only.

One of pipedesign’s concepts is versatility and therefore:

  • you can get colored sand and fat seedling and build a mini Zen garden transforming LUCCIOLA into an original design object with which to enrich bookcases, shelves and living corners.
  • you can buy an air freshener, insert it in LUCCIOLA and release “Lucciola perfume” into your home.

And then you know, a burning candle is one of the simplest forms of magic: the best way to convey warmth, serenity, romance and a desire for pampering.
Illuminated, it casts fascinating games of shadows.

You can have it in the color you want.
Write to us, we will be happy to make LUCCIOLA “made to measure” for you.


100% hand made in Italy

Iron candle holder.
8 hand-welded iron spokes, one by one and powder-coated (special paint for outdoor use).
Diameter 12 cm, height 19.5 cm, weight 0.55 kg
Glass candle holder included.
Candles in different colors are available in our online shopping.
Customizable in color

Base color