“I am part of that group of shy and introverted people who, after three aperitifs, even make friends with the bowl of peanuts.”

Stuzzicami joins the Pipedesign products dedicated to the table.
A bowl holder designed in two sizes with countless possibilities of use, designed to satisfy different needs and make spaces more refined with its lightness and simplicity.
The ceramic bowls made and decorated by hand complete and embellish it.
A functional object that with its lightness is not intrusive but makes its presence appreciated.

Stuzzicami was born from the requests of our customers who after having appreciated SFRUTTAMI they were looking for a set to complete the mise en place. He embellishes the table with his measures designed not to hinder movement and not to block the view of the diners.

Two bowl sizes, with a diameter of 8 cm for Size S and 12 cm for Size M.
It maintains the same characteristics of lightness, sinuosity and essentiality that characterize Pipedesign products.

You can have it in the color you want.

Write us, we will be happy to create STUZZICAMI tailored for you.

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Set aperitivo
Set aperitivo
Set aperitivo

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