We are not architects and we are not designers. Ours is a passion. The passion for the conception and design of aesthetically valid objects and forms in relation to their functionality.


Enhancing the freedom of choice and the purpose of use of each product because as a design object it is the result of of thought, thought to do and to be. To do and to be different things. A lamp does not work only when it is turned on.


The design is carried out internally in the company with a first sketch on paper drawn by hand. Defining the main lines, we move on to the realization of the first prototype, touching the model with our hands and going to refine it arriving at the final project.

Made in Italy

Our products are totally Made in Italy. The collaborators we are looking for are artisans who have our own philosophy: they work with passion and invest their experience contributing to the realization of our projects.

Craft production

Ours is a craft production. People who passionately do their job using their hands.
Only man’s hand can create an object that excites!
This is why each of our pieces is UNIQUE.

Clients & Partners

Our partners are small companies that, like us, make passion into fuel to fuel their work.

They are not customers and suppliers but people with whom to share a journey.


The news, previews, the first sketches of our projects. Follow us and see how our proposals are born.

The wood dresses QUBO with shelves in various wood essences.

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Freehand drawing: the origin of our products

“The sketch is the DNA of the idea” F.Purini A sketch thrown down with a few essential traits…

Venice Design Week 2019 and Pipedesign

It is official: we will be present at the Venice Design Week which will be held from 12…


“The art shakes the dust accumulated in everyday life from the soul.” Pablo Picasso We present La Ceramica,…


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