PIPEDESIGN is a recent reality born from the passion for design and the pleasure of making ideas and drawings take shape by combining different materials and classic techniques, blending them with new technologies.

The goal is to create objects that can give emotion to those who look at them and buy them.


The design is done internally in the company with a first sketch on paper drawn by hand. The shapes and proportions are thought. Once the main lines have been defined, the first prototype is created. Touching the model with hand, we refine it by arriving at the final project.

Made in Italy

Our products are totally Made in Italy. The collaborators we are looking for are artisans who have our own philosophy: they work with passion and invest their experience contributing to the realization of our projects.

Craft production

Ours is a craft production. People who passionately do their job using their hands. Only the hand of man can create an object that gives emotion! This is why each of our pieces is UNIQUE.



Whoever observes a PIPEDESIGN object must not only think about its usefulness but must be attracted and excited by it.


We are not architects and we are not designers. Ours is a passion.


The passion for the conception and design of aesthetically valid objects and forms in relation to their functionality.


Enhancing the freedom of choice and the purpose of use of each product because as a design object it is the result of of thought, thought to do and to be.



Polcenigo (PN)


Stefano L.



Martina R.

Office Manager & Marketing


ArsCity Blog

April 2019