“The smile on a person’s mouth is like a lantern on the door of a house: it indicates that there is a soul inside”

An iron candle holder, enchanting in its extreme simplicity.
Illuminated, it casts fascinating games of shadows.


“Don’t take fireflies for lanterns”

In the Italian language it is an expression used to indicate an error or to confuse one thing with another. Lanterna was born from the dimensional development of Lucciola and was created in two sizes, S and M. Increase the number of rays and a base support was built for the support of a vase that appears suspended thanks to a play of concentric rays. The result is the amplified projection of light and shadow.

LANTERNA contains a glass vase inside which you can put a candle and illuminate indoor and outdoor environments or have fun with floral arrangements.

It maintains the same characteristics of lightness, sinuosity and essentiality of the lighting line by Pipedesign.

100% hand made in Italy

Iron lantern, two sizes
Lantern S: 12 iron spokes welded by hand by hand, one by one and powder coated (special paint for outdoor use). Diameter 17 cm, height 36 cm. Glass vase supplied diameter 15 cm, height 30 cm.
Weight 0.6 Kg.
Lantern M: 16 hand-welded iron spokes, one by one and powder-coated (special paint for outdoor use). Diameter 24 cm, height 50 cm. Glass vase supplied diameter 20 cm, height 40 cm.
Weight 1 Kg.
Customizable in color.