“To impose without having the air of imposing, this is what the charism consists of.

François Proust

LUI, elegant and charismatic.

24 hand-welded spokes, one by one. Enveloping suspended lines.

An ideal suspended lamp to illuminate living rooms or dining tables.

It enhances hotels and restaurants by creating unique atmospheres thanks to the dimerable bulb that allows you to adjust the brightness and create games of light and shadow.

Looking at it from the bottom up, it recalls the symbol of the rose window present in the facades of Romanesque and Gothic churches: a spoked wheel, the concept of circle and infinite line, without beginning and without end.

Discreet, it enhances its presence without imposing itself, light, refined.

You can have it in the color you want in addition to those that we offer you.
Write to us, we will be happy to make LUI “tailored” for you.


100% hand made in Italy

Hanging lamp.
24 powder coated iron spokes.
80 cm in diameter, 30 cm in height, 2.6 kg in weight.
Led globe lamp 10W 125 mm with dimmer adjustment compatible with A ++ energy class bulbs
Customizable in color