Pipedesign is the story of objects that tell emotions.
The mission is to create an affinity between the products and those who buy them by deciding to bring them into their everyday life.

Pipedesign is passion for the conception and design of aesthetically valid objects and forms in relation to their functionality.

Pipedesign is a multisensory experience where multifunctional design, the original combination of materials, the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and new technologies, the play of lights and colors reign.


Elegant, captivating, innovative and functional. The Pipedesign design is the perfect synthesis between the design studio and the creation of “unique pieces”. The design act is always preceded by freehand drawings where shapes and proportions, spaces and volumes communicate emotions.

Made in Italy

Pipedesign is a company symbol of Made in Italy planning.
Our collaborators are expert craftsmen who invest the excellence of their creativity in the realization of our products.

Craft production

Pipedesign is a brand with a strong artisan identity observable from design to design up to final realization and sale. Intention distinguishes art from craftsmanship. We create functional, commonly used objects, designed to be used and not only as an ornament.

Clients & Partners

Realities that work with passion and dedication.

People to share a trip with.


The news, the previews, the first sketches of our products.
Follow us and see how our collections are born.


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