Rocking chair


I look at her and my eyes forget to blink

The legs made of iron rod are reminiscent of the floating “boots” of a seaplane. A subtle game over which a large seat develops and a long and comfortable backrest stands.
The feeling of relaxation given by the sight is confirmed by sitting down and letting yourself be carried away by the gentle and light rocking.
Convenient and comfortable thanks to a padding made with a technical material used for the coating of the paddles.
Elegant and sophisticated thanks to the wooden coating which following a manufacturing process is malleable and soft to the touch as if it were leather.


“I remember the feeling of that skin. It is strange to remember the caress more than just thinking. But my fingers still tingle in it. “

Lucy Christophe

And as on skin, a patient craftsman took care of the stitches one by one: the hand stitching is a detail that embellishes and makes this work unique.

Its realization is the result of patient artisans who treat these materials with passion making them alive.

We offer it in two versions, Elegance and Vintage.


    • Elegance, matt black powder coated legs and seat upholstery in Olive, one of the finest national woods characterized by yellow sapwood and light brown heartwood with light streaks. A very fine texture and a tormented and irregular grain.


    • Vintage, orange powder coated legs and seat covering in Black Fossil Oak. This wood is a selection of millenary woods, coming from riverbeds of Northern Europe. The fossilization process, which takes place underground, gives the wood an intense, natural, unique and unrepeatable black thanks to the interaction of the tannins of the wood dissolved in the acid water with the minerals present in the soil.


“Each rocking chair has its own history and is a unique, numbered piece.”

100% hand made in Italy

Rocking chair.
Legs made of iron rod and large seat covered in wood with a long and comfortable backrest.
Width 88 cm, depth 83 cm, height 110 cm.
Weight 19 kg

Boot colors