“Geometry alone, among the liberal disciplines, exercises and sharpens ingenuity.”

Evangelista Torricelli

Modular system in hand-welded and powder-coated iron rod.
Proposed solution: 1200mm x 1500mm depth 300mm
Buildable using clips made with 3D printing
Qubo 600mm x 300mm pcs. 7
Qubo 300mm x 300mm pcs. 6
Powder coated iron shelves.
White compact polycarbonate column with LED bar inside.

QUBO is the continuous and never banal transformation of furnishing spaces to adapt them to the changing of your needs over time.

It is the product that best represents our corporate philosophy: we design and produce unique objects because they are handcrafted, visually light thanks to the use of essential lines capable of breaking the monotony of the room without disturbing its balance.

Poliform and capable of taking on different garments, maintaining elegance and essentiality.

QUBO evokes the concept dear to us of CONSTRUCTION. Construction is a mental habit. It is identification with the company and the common goal, it is an activity that requires an investment over time.

100% hand made in Italy

Structure color