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“Geometry alone, among the liberal disciplines, exercises and sharpens ingenuity.”

Evangelista Torricelli

QUBO is the continuous and never banal transformation of furnishing spaces to adapt them to the changing of your needs over time.

It is the product that best represents our corporate philosophy: we design and produce unique objects because they are handcrafted, visually light thanks to the use of essential lines capable of breaking the monotony of the room without disturbing its balance.

Poliform and capable of taking on different garments, maintaining elegance and essentiality.

QUBO evokes the concept dear to us of CONSTRUCTION. Construction is a mental habit. It is identification with the company and the common goal, it is an activity that requires an investment over time.
With QUBO build your wall giving free rein to your imagination.
You can decide to remove or add modules at any time.
It is easy and you will not need the help of any editor: detach and reattach the clips, move and create geometric games with qubi.
You can choose to insert light columns of the size you want that you can arrange vertically or horizontally.
Compact polycarbonate columns inserted inside the modules, impact resistant and with a high light transmission value that will add that touch of originality to your modular structure.

It is lively in its versatility and manages to rest everything
Resting place for books
Resting place for shoes
Resting place for clothes
Resting place for seedlings, ornaments, toys

QUBO is a practical solution for the home and office.
QUBO is a refined solution to furnish your shoe, clothing or gift shop.

100% hand made in Italy

Modular system in hand-welded and black powder-coated iron.
Two types of volumes of two sizes are available: 60 cm x 30 cm (2 kg in weight) and 30 cm x 30 cm (1 kg in weight).
Fastening with clips made with 3D printing.
Shelves proposed in:
– iron painted in black powd
Compact polycarbonate columns with LED bar, dimensions on request.

Base structure color

Example dimensions