You remind me of a poem that I can’t remember a song that never existed and a place I must never have been.

Efraim Medina Reyes

LEI sophisticated and elegant, is a lamp that grows upwards blossoming at 1 meter and 80 centimeters from the ground.

Noble and sumptuous, it recalls the columns and capitals of the Doric order in Greek Roman architecture.

24 hand-welded spokes, one by one.

It has important dimensions but is never intrusive: it enriches interior corners without weighing them down. Light in weight and visual impact: the subtle rays and the spaces between each of them make walls and other furnishings present in the environment visible.

Lit creates unusual and prodigious plays of light and shadows: the dimmable bulb supplied allows you to adjust the brightness of your rooms and make them alive when you need a lot of light or romantic when you need a diffused atmosphere.



100% hand made in Italy


Ground lamp.
24 powder coated iron spokes.
40 cm in diameter in the bust and 80 cm in diameter in the head, 180 cm in height, 6.2 kg in weight.
Led globe lamp 10W 125 mm with dimmer adjustment compatible with A ++ energy class bulbs