The Centrepiece

At every remarkable discovery people ask what it is for, and they are not wrong; in fact, it can measure the value of an object only through its usefulness.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

SFRUTTAMI is above all a useful object.
It defines itself the moment it declares: SFRUTTAMI

It can turn into:
Container / Storage
Containers for all types of food. Take advantage of it, enriched with one of our strictly hand-painted ceramics, it can serve soups or first courses as well as being wrapped in a simple linen napkin and do not miss bread, breadsticks and cioppini at the table.
– Fruit
– Zen garden table (you can find the glass bowl here)
– Romantic centerpiece: just buy the glass bowl, our floating candles, fill it with water and you’re done.
– Singular table lamp if purchased together with a ball lamp
In everything you want: give space to your imagination and enhance your tables or your living corners.

Undoubtedly versatile, eclectic and original, especially if colored and at the same time elegant, simple and essential like any pipedesign branded product.

You can choose the ceramics designed for us by one of our craftsmen: the black dot version, white ceramic and black spots and the balloon version, white ceramic and colored spots.

100% hand made in Italy

Regular quadrilateral with use that can vary according to the need.
11 hand-welded iron spokes, one by one and powder-coated.
Structure: 25 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 10 cm high. Weight 0.6 kg